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Written by Stephen Adly Guirgis

Scenic Design by Jason Bolen  
Costume & Sound Design by Edward Carignan

Lighting Design by Derryck Menard  
Fight Choreography by Mark Mineart


For all the seriousness of the themes, Arespacochaga’s Hat, moves with the tightly coiled machinery of wild farce. Banter shoots between characters, punchlines land like a sack full of quarters, characters stalk the finely observed stage (designed by Jason Bolen) humming with raw, dangerous energy. She and her characters hit every double-cross, every bad decision, every Oh God, really? moment the play has (and I’m actively not revealing the surprises in the second act) with an uncanny blend of virtuosity and psychological reality."

— RICHARD SANFORD, Columbus Underground

Though this could be a talky play, director Chari Arespacochaga keeps the emphasis on the physical, with a fluid energy that’s always on the edge of violence, and sometimes breaks through into it. (She also makes remarkably good use of the pillars that can sometimes to be obstacles in the Short North Stage’s Green Room, using them subtly to allow characters to hide from or surprise each other.)"

— MARGARET QUAMME, The Columbus Dispatch

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