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Music by Alan Menken; Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Glenn Slater

Choreography by Cecile Martinez
Musical Direction by Ceejay Javier
Scenic Design by Lex Marcos
Lighting Design by Jay Aranda

Sound Design by Bobbit Jacinto
Puppet Design/Costume Effects by Liz & Benny Batoctoy
Costume Design by Eric Pineda
Co-Directed with Bobby Garcia


By stripping the play of its extraneous eye candy and concentrating heavily on good music and acting, they have resuscitated a once moribund play and given it a fresh life. Then, too, by the ingenious use of puppetry and the creative play of light and shadows, they have taken the flying wire harnesses and pulleys our of the equation and notched up more points for creativity than mechanical stagecraft could have ever done."

— JENNIFER CUAYCONG, The Business World Weekender

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