Written by Garret Groenveld | Featuring Paul Spera

Produced by PopUP Theatrics NY and Juggerknot Theatre


The work is, of course, different from the in-person communal experience that is a core aspect of live theater. But by manipulating the camera, altering perspective and involving those who are watching, the “Long Distance Affair” directors and performers find fresh – and, yes, powerful – ways to connect…. 

Garret Jon Groenveld’s “Some Surprise” unfolds in a toddler’s bedroom in Paris during the wee small hours of the morning. Dad Danny (Paul Spera) enlists our help in a surprise virtual 30th birthday celebration for younger brother Dave, who is sheltering at home in the United States. Director Chari Arespacochaga and Spera keep the mood playful, yet the alterations and uncertainty of everyday life are omnipresent.

Christine Dolen, Artburst

​Intense! Super Fun. Immersive theatre that is fresh and exciting from the comfort of your living room...I did not expect is how intimate the experience would be!

Cristina Pla-Guzman, Broadway World

Captivatingly original. Emotionally transporting. Giddily unnerving. This isn’t a virtual substitute for theater lovers. It’s a new kind of theatrical intimacy.

Jordan Levin, Culture

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